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Post-transplant life has been a life of renewal, second chances and continued great appreciation for everyday life. What never seems to go away is continuously trying to break down the walls of daily transplant and cystic fibrosis challenges. These continue to be (and will always be) physical, mental and financial. The need for financial support never stops. The first $110+K raised in the initial campaign ran out January 2018; it took only four and a half years to go through it. 

Some people wonder if I am "cured", if I will "always take those" medications, if I will always have to battle this. No, I am not "cured". There is no cure for CF; there is nothing to "cure" in transplantation; only nurture and maintain. Yes, I will always have to take those medications; they are what maintain; and I will always battle this - back to there are no cures.

Cystic Fibrosis (and transplantation) is for life. I only feel luckier that as I live each day, I can say I have beat this nasty friend...



Welcome to the udpated website

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Happy Breathing with 2015 beginning

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2nd Annual Digz Day Volleyball Tournament

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Lara's Transplant Journey

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Thank you!

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Life on Hold

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Medical Domination

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Happy Holidays

In light of a blog entry this time, I am cross posting the December issue of "The Lara Report." A video was made, listed in the newsletter. I hope you all will have the time to view it. Merry Christmas, everyone. Thank you all for a very supportive Continue Reading »

Forward Progress - and the Catch 22

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Family, Friends and Pets

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Stanley and Stella

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Lara's recent travels

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Lara and Craig attend Awesome 80's Prom

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My Sister and the Truth

Today was an interesting day. I ran into a person who knew my sister. My sister's name was Amy. She was three years younger than me, and for the first half of her life, healthier than me. But as this disease is different for everyone, things went Continue Reading »

Happy New Year!

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Exhausted, but bored

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In memory of a hero

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And the verdict is...

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Catch 22

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Reaching your dreams.

A lot of people don't really know how serious CF is. Most CF'ers have a thing that is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We look normal. Thank goodness, what a wonderful thing, to have a disease and look normal! Continue Reading »

Stagnant Woes

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Can denial be a good thing?

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Home Sweet Home...and Home Adjustments

Well I have left the comfort of UMNC Suites, I am back at work, I can sleep in my own bed again, pet my kitties and be a part of normal life. But normal life has changed a little bit. The hospitalizations contained several conversations. I think my Continue Reading »

From Beach to Cubicle

I just had a fabulous week of working the big conference I mentioned in my last entry; the Great Plains Theatre Conference (GPTC). What a WONDERFUL experience! I want to say to all reading this and who were there, thank you for all your help, Continue Reading »

Spring blooms more changes.

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Got Oxygen?

This question on top of Pikes Peak at 14,110 feet is very funny and ironic at the same time. I immediately bought a t-shirt and the expression always makes me smile. But this question, in Omaha at 936 feet somehow loses all it's humor. Continue Reading »

$5 February

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Hard works pays off.

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The Odd Couple thank you

Thank you everyone for a wonderful night/showing at The Odd Couple tonight. A big extra mention of gratitude to the Downtown Space; Blue Barn and Brigit St. Brigit Theatres for holding the fundraiser for me. The added performance and cooperation Continue Reading »

Cratchit Energy Found!

Well, I did it! I made it through A Christmas Carol. And what a wonderful time it has been. Continue Reading »

More drugs

Well, I had my appointment this week.I've continued with about five cough attacks a day. Usually one wakes me up in the middle of the night. I called it right. He put me on more medications; not just one, but three. But that's ok; need to stop these Continue Reading »

Forward Momentum

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Getting Started

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How You Can Help

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