And the verdict is...

So you are probably asking, "Well, what the docs say????"


First, I remained at 117 pounds. Guess I'll have to work harder to hit that 118 mark.

Tests - well, they were better. By 2%; For those of you following my numbers, I did 41%. When I went in, it was 35%.

So what's that mean? Well, they said I could come home. Freedom!!!!   :)

But, I have to stay on my IV meds for another week. Since, my tests still improved, my doc wants me to see if I can bring that number up just a little bit more. But being cooped up won't necessarily help with everything else being in tip top shape. Thank goodness. I was not in the mood to maybe indulge another week in there.

So, still on meds for seven more days. But at least I am home.


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