Back to the beach, the real beach

Hello friends,

This entry is going to be shorter. I am on my way out the door, on my way to a REAL vacation; we are going to Michigan today. Our first vacation in two years. A vacation that is not spent at the hospital; and with all the traveling I get to do for work, this will be my first trip in two years that is in summer, not winter. Oh, so, so many things to look forward to; including spending time on the beaches of Lake Michigan! And my cousin is getting married! Woo-hoo!

So, while I take my 12 day hiatus and do what I can to "forget" about the daily grind of life for a few days - including medical - I implore you to continue to help with the campaign. Right now, there is an email campaign going on. It is called, "Awesome August". This is a low dollar, easy campaign - donate five or ten bucks, and then email it to your friends. It's all about spreading the word! That's how this works. But what is of more significance is the overall dollar amount...

We are approaching one full year of my campaign...and depending on how much we raise, I get some matching funds from COTA. Right now the dollars sit around $36K. But if we can reach $50K by Sept. 30, then we get an extra $2500 from COTA. Now that is awesome! So spread the word, spread the word, spread the word, please! It all adds up!

And don't forget, you can keep sending us those old, used cell phones and cartridges. We've started to see dollars come through for those, plus we are helping the environment!

If you did not receive the "Awesome August" information, go to the volunteer page in this site and you will see information for Bridget Robbins and Pat Kies. Contact one of them; they can make sure you receive the information. You will also see information for Karen Wheatley for cell phones and cartridges. Send her everything you got!

I appreciate everyone's support.! OH and I have a new logo!!!! You can see it on the activities page and on facebook too. (The black and yellow one.) It is so cool! Thank you to my friend Pam Felthauser who designed it for me!

So, here's to $50K, here's to lungs currently holding there own, and here's to the beach!


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