Forward Momentum

Hello Friends,

Well, now that I have gotten used to the idea of getting this campaign going, it's time to get some forward momentum going. Fundraising ideas are being put together by my team. In the mean time, working on the simple things need to be underway. That's where you come in. Do me a favor and please email all your friends. Have them email all their friends. Spread the word. Send them all to my site. Even if each person just gave one dollar, the money would be raised in no time! And trust me, I am thankful for every dollar! This is going to be a long road.

Speaking of, what's the road like now? Well, after getting the nasty gastro bug last month and a chest cold - I am still fighting the chest cold, and now I am also fighting a head cold. I was on my antibiotics for three weeks. I have a check up with the doctor next week; we might have to discuss another medication. I'm not gaining weight either, despite doing my g-tube feeding seven nights a week. I think all my calories are being burnt off fighting the infection. To go with this, things are gearing up for busy season at work. I am trying to balance getting it all done and keeping these colds under control. Wish me luck at my appointment next week.


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