Forward Progress - and the Catch 22

Just a quick update everyone. Not a book this time...

So forward progress. tests are down now to 35%. They went down in the last couple of months and are not going back up. This means oxygen when I exercise or do anything of excess energy and when I sleep.

So is this good news? It takes me a step closer for the transplant qualifications. Catch 22 is the progression, as one can imagine. It's not easy getting out of breath going up one flight of steps, or from vacuumming or from doing the laundry. Simple things in my life are dictated now by my CF versus me dictating to CF how I am going to live my life.

But you all know me; and I am gonna "keep on, keepin' on." You all know I am trying to get to $100K on my transplant fund. It takes a lot to raise that kind of money; especially in this economy. But we have some events coming up in November. I hope you will all take a look; everything is posted on the activities and events page on my cota site. Keep spreading the word to everyone you know. Remember, $5 here and $5 there all adds up. Skip that latte this week, skip that one extra beer next week....I would love to hit $75K by the end of 2011. You can keep an eye on the donations and how it's going on the "How can you help" page of my cota site.

My cota site again is:

Thank you all for your love and support. I am not enjoying feeling the progression of CF. I have one dream that I think of every day:

Taking a deep breath, sitting on the beach, listening to the waves of the ocean and the seagulls. Breath after breath. Ahhh. I can hear the ocean now. Can't wait to feel those breaths!


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