Happy Breathing with 2015 beginning

Hello Friends!

With all the emails and other communications, I hadn't realized it had been so long since I put up a blog entry on my site. But we have passed the one year mark since transplant, had Christmas at home, and now a day away from ringing in 2015. It has been an amazing ride.

When I think about where I was a year ago....living in a hotel with Craig at New Year's time, already anxious to come home (but unknowingly, that was still a month and a half away), I look back and see how quickly that time period actually was. I guess I "rocked it" in my recovery. I had some ideal numbers on the machines and made quick progress all the way around. Seemed like forever at the time.

And now a year later, I am not sure how we accomplished "stopping life". It seems like there is more to do than ever at work and around the house. I can't be home enough for the kitties and it seems like life is going 100 miles an hour. I certainly contribute to that, as my energy seems boundless. I have been back at work from almost immediately in coming home, working on theatre projects again, reading plays and books, doing yardwork, load ins and outs, going to friends' houses....doing normal things. I was able to do some climbing/hiking in the mountains, and a dear friend took me a couple of times to a reserve to see Bald Eagles.

I think Craig is more than thrilled that I can vacuum and do laundry again. He got a bonus when I shoveled the snow we got yesterday. I have dealt with some infections - that comes with the territory. I still have regular blood tests (and other tests as needed), still have regular appointments in Denver and still have constant adjustments to the medications. But anymore, this has become the new norm. And it's a lot better than the old norm.

So, to all those who have followed this long journey, thank you for continuing to follow. The road will continue the rest of my life; just down this new path. Yes, I still have CF, yes it is still a factor. But now transplant takes precedence and hopefully the CF doesn't interfere with that process.

With that I will close off with forward thoughts to 2015; looking forward to more traveling again, continue to find out what else my lungs can do, and look forward to the second anniversary of my new lungs; along with continued thoughts of my donor, EVERY day, so I can continue this new life.

Happy New Year!



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