Hard works pays off.

Hello everyone,

It has been quite some time since I have made a journal entry; so I have a lot to catch you up on. But I will try to be short and sweet.

After The Odd Couple night out, my world took a 180. Long story short, I needed to fill in out on the road with our East Coast Tour as Stage Manager. And oh, what a time it was! For those who do not know our East Coast Tour, it is fast paced, energizing and busy. I was out for 18 days. In that time, I traveled to 13 cities. The days were long, hardly any down time; and I loved about every second of it. (Especially when we got to Florida!!!) It was a exhausting and exhilerating at the same time. But the best part is I got to learn some new things; after being with the caravan for nine ACC seasons now, I couldn't believe how much I could still learn!

As far as my health goes, it was amazing. I did catch a cold, but I kept up; it was all the physical labor this particular job required. Exercised my lungs everyday! I know the hospital staff was worried about me; but the amount of exercise I was getting; there was just no way to convey to them what all I was doing and keeping those lungs in shape. But when I sent an email back saying, "Trust me"; well, what else could they do? lol

So when I got home (on Dec. 25) I felt pretty good. And the January hospitalization reflected it. I was able to get rid of the cold quickly, and move forward in my treatment in trying to make up some old ground; and I did!! So for those of you who have been to this site, or facebook, and saw my FEV1 chart that John posted for me (thank you John!)...you will see that my numbers have been at 37 percent. Well, this January stay, I bumped up to 44 percent. Surprised us all! Hoor-ah!!!

Now to maintain; which of course, the docs and everyone are giving me a hard time now on keeping up some kind of exercise regimen. (I know, I know...)

And now I am back at it in the real world; back at work, back into "normal life"; getting back in the swing of things with the campaign. Thank you all who donated, called, emailed; everything- during December and January, when I was out of the loop.

Also, thank you to Andrew McGreevey and Skullduggery Productions for having the performance of Night with Reg for me.

Another thank you to the Bellevue Little Theatre for the weekend of fundraising they did for me with A Tuna Christmas.

And yet another great thank you to Newman's Pasta who had a Newman's Night Out. The night was a bad weather night; so a bigger thank you to all who braved the weather.

Finally, continued appreciation to Wesley Houston and UNO and everyone there who have continued to keep asking and raising monies like nobody's business! You all rock!

There are many more things coming up with the campaign that I am very excited about. So keep your eyes and ears open, and everyone keep spreading the word!

Love, Lara


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