Home Sweet Home...and Home Adjustments

Well I have left the comfort of UMNC Suites, I am back at work, I can sleep in my own bed again, pet my kitties and be a part of normal life. But normal life has changed a little bit. The hospitalizations contained several conversations. I think my CF staff took turns to hit me with what needed to be said. What was said? Well, I need to increase my respiratory therapy at home, I need to increase the respiratory medications I take at home, and I need to start an exercise regimen. This may seem like no big deal to someone reading this. The might be a no brainer from those who advised me of this. But here lies the dilemma: Theatre and bad health don't mix. Both need lots of time....If I am at work all day starting at 9am, and am going straight to rehearsals after work, and then I get to go home after that...that puts me home at about 9 or 10 or 11pm....then they want me to do all the added regimens. This regimen will take about 45 minutes. I should do the same regimen in the morning. What used to take me about 20-40 minutes a day, now should take me 1.5-2 hours. And that does not include the 20-30 minute exercise program.

Seems like a no brainer? Do you have an extra1-2 hours out of your day? I guarantee you, you don't. Otherwise, you would exercise or do other things in life you should be doing.

Well, I need to figure out some way to make it work. My main demon right now that I am fighting is motivation. Sure wouldn't mind a weekly volleyball team. That was fun, that day at Digz Day!

As far as logistics go, I am off the permanent oxygen. But I am supposed to wear it during sustained activity. And I've been wearing it at night to see if it makes me feel any better overall. I find myself abnormally tired a lot. I am hoping it'll help that.

And evening theatre is on hold right now; taking a bit of a break. So I have no excuse to do all that I am supposed to do.

One last piece of news; UNMC gathered my medical records and sent them to the Denver Center. They will read my records. This will tell us if I qualify for an evaluation for the transplant. And if I don't, then we will keep Denver updated until I do.


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