Life on Hold

Hello everyone,

Well, the last time I wrote, the medical world was dominating my life. Since then, I have spent time trying to balance that world with regular life.

I got past the infection of February/March. From then, I spent my time concentrating on working in the day and resting in the evenings, so I can keep doing the things I love in life; namely, spend time with family and work at my job. Long term projects (ie: stage managing) had to be put aside. Concentrating on holding my job and keeping healthy doing it was taking almost all my energy.  So the next goal was to get stabilized enough to be able to work the Great Plains Theatre Conference. Between persistence and my stubborn attitude, I was able to reach this goal. Work is going wonderfully, family is doing well, and working the conference turned out to be totally awesome.

So now where are things? Well, my last appointment was interesting. My lung functions were a crummy 28%. But that is my "new norm"; so my doctor and I didn't even hardly discuss numbers. Nothing to discuss I guess - they are what they are; nothing we can do to change them.

And we wait for Denver to call. Having the patience for this phone call is getting to be challenging. You all know, I want to get the call, and to get my new lungs, and get it all over with...I am ready, more than ever, to "move on" with my life. I have been thinking about my post-transplant bucket list. I have SO MUCH I want to do! This list includes getting back to stage managing and directing shows, as well as travel and seeing things I haven't seen yet.

Of course, knowing that other people have their lives on hold too, is frustrating. From Craig, to my folks, to co-workers; and everyone in between. Everyone has dedicated so much time and energy so far, into something that we don't know will ever happen or not. But...I gotta believe...soon...sometime soon.



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