Spring blooms more changes.

Hello everyone,

It's been about four months or so since I have given an update. A lot has been happening. After finishing my hospitalization in January, which went extremely well, life kicked into full gear. I went out of town three times; two for work, once for pleasure. Most of you know, this is great because I LOVE to travel. I got to go to Memphis; nothing beats a bit of warm weather in February along with some "true" Southern Sweet Tea and getting inundated with FAB Elvis everywhere! Now, I am going through Sweet Tea withdrawal! I also got to visit a dear friend of mine in Oxford, MS; got a tour of Ole Miss. That was fantastic! My other two trips were to St. Louis. St. Louis doesn't seem to like me. It gets cold every time I am there. A very good sign I should NOT pick St. Louis as the place to go for my transplant!

I also started working on two different shows; Wit at the Blue Barn and then 12 Angry Men at the Playhouse. Wit is now done. 12 Angry Men is now open and going very well. But now that we are open, I have to say, I am looking forward to having some evenings at home.

A lot has been going on with the campaign! So much help from everyone!! $5 February was a huge success, and I think we are going to make this an annual event! So everyone save your $5!  :)

The Playhouse did a night for me in February; an added peformance of Bat Boy. Thank you OCP! Sorry I couldn't see you all; that was one of my weekends in St. Louis! I was able to watch it when I got back, though; what a fun show!!

Many, many, many great people at UNO are doing TONS for my campaign. I cannot repay or thank any of you enough!!! UNO has been collecting extra dollars after performances, they put on the Breath of Fresh Art event and added a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Great performance everyone! And the Breath of Fresh Art was fabulous. I can write a whole page on that! So I will spare you all the wordiness and just simply say thank you, and a special extra thank you to Wesley, Katie and Chantel!

Most recently, my friend Jim Knierim, in Plattsmouth, had a dinner. I'm waiting to hear how it went, but I hope all my Plattsmouth friends, and old high school buds were able to make it. I was running 12 Angry Men so being there was a bit impossible. I appreciate everyone doing what they can, even when I can't be around!

We have two exciting events coming up! One is Silpada Jewelry night. May 13! And "Can you Digz It?" day on June 27. This one is a day of volleyball and music, with silent auction, raffle, carwash....more information coming out on both events on this cota site on the activities page as well as facebook!

Now to what you all probably want to hear more about; my health. Where does that stand? Mmm. Good question. I wasn't feeling very good in the end March/April. Out of breath. You'd never know looking at me...just couldn't catch my breath from point a to point b. Went on a couple of meds; didn't help; so my doc added IV antibiotics. I have been on them now for 2.5 weeks and hope to get off them this week. But the thing is, I don't feel much better than when I started. A little. But not much. My tests had dropped to 30%. When I tested last week, they were at 35%. My doctor was happy. An increase of 5% is pretty good. But I am NOT happy with this. Recovery is not like it used to be and that is disturbing.

I couldn't go in the hospital again, so it's been interesting doing my IV meds at home and at work. Walking around the playhouse hooked up to an IV, or driving to work "hooked up". Kind of amusing. And since I have to use some Benadryl before each dose of antibiotic...a "Benadryl high" at work is amusing too! In fact, the only realling annoying part of doing the meds is not at work - but the ones at home; they interrupt my sleep pattern, big time! Some of the meds are messing with my sugar levels too. But we are tapering me off those particular meds to help that.

And good news...I am gaining weight. Yay! Last week I was up to 110 pounds..which means I have now gained back five pounds of what I lost on tour. I will keep going; I do my g-tube feeds seven nights a week! So I better see some pay off, right??!!??

So that's the update. Keep the word spreading about donations. Every $5 helps. Keep sending those cell phones and printer cartridges. See the activities page on that too, or ask us if you don't know about that. That's the "Recycle For Life" program. Ask about it. Again, every bit helps.

Last but not, least, I want to leave you with this thought...are you an organ donor? Have you thought of becoming one? I ask you to think and ponder, and if you are so inclined, sign up, and spread the word to friends and family.

Thank you all my friends. I will try not to take so long in updating you again.



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