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Molly Ouimet (born in 2003) and Matthew Ouimet (born in 2011) were both born with a rare genetic disease called Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1. There is currently no treatment or cure. Matthew went into end stage renal failure when he was 5 months old. He needed hemodialysis 6 days a week and peritoneal dialysis 7 days a week for 2 years before he received a liver and kidney transplant when he was 2 1/2 Year’s old. He had a lot of struggles after his transplant in 2013, but he has been mostly stable. His kidney is having some complications and he will eventually need another kidney, but we hope this one will last another couple of years.

Molly’s health is declining and she is approaching the need for a double transplant.  We have transferred her care to UCSF children’s hospital and she has been listed (inactive) for a kidney with UNOS. We are exploring possible clinical trials and participating in patient workshops around the country to find the latest information and research re...



The journey with PH1 begins Part 2

A few years passed and I discovered I was pregnant with my third child, Matthew. I had an amniocentesis test done when I was 18 weeks pregnant and requested they check my baby for this disease.  He did have PH1, just like Molly.  We assumed he Continue Reading »

Ouimet family blog, the journey with PH1 begins

My husband Kelly and I have three children together:  Molly, Patrick and Matthew   Continue Reading »

Molly & Matthew

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