Successful Surgeries!

7/25/18 9:00 pm

This morning around 8:30, Nyah went into surgery at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco for the removal of one of her kidneys for her little sister. Around noontime, the kidney was transported across the City to UCSF Children's Hospital, where Mia and her surgeons were ready and waiting. By 3:30, both surgeries were complete and the girls were in Recovery.

A 6:30pm message from their mother, Shasta,read:

"Both girls’ surgeries went really well. Mia is back in her room resting and Nyah is still in recovery waiting for a room to open up. Both girls have had issues with some pain and nausea but nothing unusual. Mia’s/Nyah’s kidney (which we have dubbed “Lefty” because it is Nyah’s left kidney) is functioning beautifully! Thank you for all the messages, texts, posts and phone calls! Please forgive us if we don’t get back to each of them. The outpouring of love has been overwhelmingly awesome today."

More will be posted as we hear additional details of the girls' recovery over the next few day.


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