BK Virus Numbers Going Down

Things have continued to be very hectic lately. We had to fit in a Genetics appt, plus regular heart transplant clinic, & still get the 8 hour infusion last week. He did get a little side adventure to a LEGO sale in Franklin over the weekend. We had some really great news last week as the BK numbers had their first downward trend week over week since we started. The lab was so excited to report they called same day. Typically, we don’t hear till late Friday. We could use some prayers as we are still at Riley. One side of Noah’s PICC line has become unsutured & one lumen if uncapped won’t stop back-flow bleeding which caused quite a mess & freaked Noah out today. They are deciding if it needs to be fixed today or wait till next week. He also is still vomiting every few days and fear a GJ tube may be a topic of discussion again. ????
Thanks for your continued prayers & support.


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