First Day of School

Noah’s first day of school was rough. Woke up vomiting????????‍?? The worst he has vomited in a long time cuz it was in his sleep so he choked and freaked out. ????He likes his teacher, but cried and cried that no one played with him at recess so he just went down the slide. He said he missed his mommy and wants to stay home forever ???? New schools are tough but he is such a sensitive spirit & with such a rough start to the day . . . I told him to walk up and ask to play, but he is scared???? I know in time this will fix itself, but I just wanted to cry with him. He is such a Brave Boy. Noah’s medication that helps move food through his digestive system ran out Saturday so it’s not good that he is vomiting so much so fast. (It was a trial period & then we’re supposed to wait another two weeks) We have an urgent request into the GI specialist to consult with cardiology to see if we can continue the medication. The issue is the side effects of the medication are increased heart rate & possible neurological issues. ????????‍?????? Always issues but we didn’t notice anything besides heart rate increase & to not vomit daily we think it’s worth it right now. Please pray for our sweet boy to make friends and that medications get approved with little side effects!


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