GI appointment update

Noah’s GI appt went well today. Despite his lack of weight gain they are allowing us to stay at 2 feeds a day instead of 3 since Noah is becoming very aware that he is “different” and we are trying to help him feel more comfortable around his peers. We will increase his current Elecare to help offset this missing feed. Noah did well with antibiotics while the whole house either had Strep or the stomach bug over the last couple weeks. He will have his monthly cardiac blood draw as well as his full nutritional labs & liver function tests tomorrow morning. 
We have kept Noah very sheltered trying to avoid the flu this year. (That’s why his hair is so long) He was able to attend his cousins birthday party where he showed us how Spider-Man does gymnastics. 
Thank you for all the donations to COTA so far!! We have made a great start on our goal and appreciate everyone’s generosity ?? Stay tuned for some fundraising events that we will be sharing soon . . .

Click the link below for a video of Noah showing us his Spider-Man skills :)


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