Monthly lab results & bi-monthly heart clinic visit results

Noah’s monthly blood labs & bi-monthly heart clinic were the other day. The ab results are in his BNP lowered a bit so the extra immunosuppressant is working. However his liver numbers are 5 times what they should be. They worry about liver,cardiac and skeletal damage when the numbers are at this level. They have gotten as bad as 20 times the normal level and that brought several liver biopsies and lots of issues ( unstable INR). Please pray we are not heading back in that direction. We know his heart medication does this but it is at the lowest dosage he can manage. The liver is another vital organ meaning he can not live without it. However it is unique as it can heal itself to a certain extent. Noah already has some irreversible damage which is why he is checked every year to make sure it is not spreading and why these numbers are monitored every 4 weeks. Please pray over our Drs as they try to determine what is causing this and that no significant damage occurs.

Thank you to all who have donated to COTA so far. COTA was able to assist us with paying for medication due in 2 weeks, but we still have a long way to go. 
If you would like help us with the overwhelming financial stress. Please visit our COTA website.


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