More Tests

At Riley Hospital this morning having Noah’s gastric emptying test. This is where he eats eggs that have a special dye in them & they take pictures every hour to see how they are moving through his stomach. Noah’s PICC line unfortunately is not going to be a long term plan since we are continuing to have issues with it. He was scheduled to have his annual heart biopsy & full Cath on Oct 3rd. However, since they will need to place a port in his chest we have elected to have both procedures done together to avoid two hospital stays & two sedations a couple weeks apart. This does add multiple complications as Noah will have to be moved to a different OR for each procedure and have two different surgeons operate on him in the same day. This is scheduled for next Wednesday and Noah will be in the hospital the rest of week. Please pray for these surgery teams as the perform surgery on Noah. Pray for Noah as he gets scared when they put him to sleep, and last week only added to his fears. Please pray that the port provides a stable place for him to get the treatments needed to continue to fight the BK virus.
We are entering cold and flu season which is why these decisions are being made so quickly. Last year Noah had pneumonia three times and they are expecting another rough year so we need his body ready for optimal fighting. ??????????????????


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