Noah's Follow Up

Noah’s BK virus is NOT under control and is at the highest possible readings in both urine & blood since his pneumonia diagnosis. In positive news his pneumonia has cleared! However, since he has gotten it every year and each year the occurrences increase his team is wanting to get a closer look at his lungs via CT to make sure there is not a problem. His body will need to heal first so they are looking to do this before the next cold/flu season kicks up too much. He is due for a full cath this year where he will be sedated so we are doing both procedures to help reduce how many times Noah is put under. The plan is to have these procedures in October. In the meantime the only treatment is to reduce his heart medication again. This time they were more aggressive and cut it in half. 
Please pray over our Noah’s body as he fights this virus. His heart/kidneys/liver need to remain strong as we attempt to get this virus under control before it causes permanent damage. Pray for us as caregivers to be vigilant for symptoms and ease our fears. Pray for his medical team as Noah is so medically complex. 
This protocol will cause more frequent testing and additional medications. If you would want to help us raise funds for COTA in honor of Noah to assist with transplant-related expenses, please consider helping by coming to our next fundraising event that is one month away at the Suds in Greenwood on 7/28


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