PICC Repair

Please pray for Noah! They are repairing his PICC line in a few minutes and they decided to not sedate him. He is terrified & tried to grab onto anything down the hallway. It should literally take a few minutes to fix. However, this will be traumatic for him as they will have to force him down. ?? We will go to the infusion room for the rest of the day with a working PICC line after. He is scheduled for an 6 hr gastric emptying test on Monday to try to figure out his additional vomiting issues. His anxiety about school has him biting his nails & fingers to the point they are starting to bleed, which can cause skin infections. Please pray he gets through all these additional issues. Despite his anxiety about school he is doing much better and often says everyone played with him. We have great communication with his teacher & school.

UPDATE: The PICC line was repaired just in time as it started shifting yesterday. It was a very rough morning for Noah, but he did it. However, due to the set back the hospital dropped his infusion due to the delay & can’t fit him in since they are so back logged due to the holiday. This means Noah is going to MISS his treatment. Please pray this won’t set the progress we have made with the BK virus. ???????????????? Looking at the bright side, Papaw & Mamaw have a Lego waiting for Noah so he will be able to rest from everything today. ( I’m hoping I do too)


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