The Plan

The Plan: This is heavy news???? Noah has continued to not feel himself even with antibiotics. I had a phone conference with his medical team to hear the issues, concerns, and plan. The BK Virus is just that a virus . . . There are no antibiotics to treat it. His kidney function can deteriorate at a rapid pace with the levels of virus. We are also told his coronary arteries are at risk now too resulting in graft failure and heart transplant failure. His team has had a very few patients with BK Virus and of the few most stayed in the urine. Noah’s is in his bloodstream which makes it more powerful and more destructive. The last patient they had with this had a poor outcome. They went up the chain to the senior Infectious Disease Dr on staff and have only one option. Noah will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow to have a PICC Line placed and stay till Friday. He will undergo an aggressive IV treatment at minimum weekly for an undisclosed amount of time. This plan will not cure his BK virus. In fact, there is no guarantee this will work in slowing it down, but we are grateful they are going to try something. We need support! Please pray for our sweet Noah and us as we embark on a very difficult medical journey. We need prayers for another miracle ????????


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