Update on Noah

Heard from cardiology today already from some labs today that heart labs look stable but it will take a few days for BK lab results. In the meantime Noah has 3 sores showing in his private regions which causes more pain & discomfort. This is a symptom of another skin infection showing. UGH .???? He is also coughing again and has a couple of weeks left of school. We opted out of his zoo field trip as he ends ups with strep each visit and we don’t need additional complications right now. We already met with the school & with his cognitive delay diagnosis and he repeated Kindergarten class he is still not ready for 1st grade. However the school has been so wonderful in meeting us where Noah is and his ISP included no grades except N I & S. He also will sit out of reading & math with special classes to meet him where he is. These extra needs is so different than normal children. His brother Shane also suffered from hydrocephalus & is in continuous speech therapy to help. Our life is different than most others & we have understood that. Please help us in our journey by donating to COTA to assist with transplant-related expenses. There are two fundraising events coming up next weekend on Noah’s night & at the Sud’s in Greenwood coming up in July!! 


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