Updates on our Brave Noah

Noah had his genetics follow up this week and they believe he is reacting to his shampoo and body wash. It was Aveeno. He has been suffering from chronic skin infections over the last few years. They recommended going back to Johnson’s baby shampoo. It’s going to bring back a lot of memories smelling that shampoo again. Hopefully it will help! 
They are also concerned with his continued delay in school compared to his peers. Their recommendation is to change his ISP to 1/2 day school and the other 1/2 in one on one sessions. This is something we will need to discuss with the school. 
They also discussed the meaning of the marker test that showed positive. They are wanting to add the 3rd prescription to the “Mito” cocktail which is riboflavin but of course it is also not covered by insurance so we asked to wait to get his current medications under control before adding any more. They recommended starting within the next 6 months.


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