3 Months Post Heart Transplant Surgery

We are truly thankful Miles reached his 3 month post surgery without any complications. Of course we had a few visits to the Emergency room for his feeding tube, but nothing regarding any complications with his heart. The doctors verified his heart is doing well with the medication and gaining weight. We were told after the 3 months we are in the clear to be around more people, but we still need to keep healthy. Everyone must wash there hands and use hand sanitizer if they want to hold him. We also still need to keep away from anyone who is sick or any symptoms of getting sick.

We already went to a few gatherings and learning to have more freedom of taking Miles to different places. Of course its hard going out because of the mosquitos and stuff, but we do take him on walks and to the parks. It is very strange and happy at the same time to see him with not many restrictions anymore, its a very different experience every time. So we are exciting to see everyone and thank them in person for all there love and support.

We are still adjusting being at home, everyday is a struggle on getting a routine down. Angel and I are back at work now so its difficult to be away from little Miles. He is growing up very fast and doing many things-laughing and starting to roll over. He is very active so be aware when you do carry him, he is very wiggly.

Again and again and for the rest of our lives we want to THANK YOU for all your support and prayers. We do plan to organize more fundraisers and join some runs this summer to support Miles. If anyone has any ideas or any suggestions on fundraisers, please contact me. The fundraisers we already had were wonderful and appreciate everyone gesture.

Please keep spreading the word about Miles and prayers. Thank you again and see you soon!


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