One Year Heart Surgery

I apologize I haven't kept a more day by day blog, but its been quite a year.

Miles celebrated his one year old birthday, it was a success as Mickey Mouse Theme party. It was definitely hard to organize everything but it was a great turn out and he got a lot of wonderful donations and gifts.

Miles did develop a weird rash in February, he got red blotches all over his body. It would only appear for like 5 minutes and then go away, but come back again. We were in and out of the doctors office that we ended up going into the ER because we were worried it might be some type of medication reaction. All the tests came out to be some kind of virus he had. We also thought it was the Fifth Disease.

We are blessed that we did reach his One Year Transplant Anniversary. I cannot believe its been one year now on 03/30/15. Miles is definitely a fighter and doing very well for a transplant patient. We hear it all the time from people in the medical field that he is truly a miracle baby.

Miles weighs up to 25 pounds now and 33 inches long.

He eats a lot, drinks lots of milk, and starting to talk a little bit more. He is very ticklish at his neck and still loves watching Mickey Mouse and Barney. He climbs everywhere, touches everything, puts everything in his mouth, and starting to run and jump.

Miles did get his ONE YEAR heart biopsy done and he had no rejections. His recovery was much harder this time since he is so mobile now, he wanted to get up and walk. They had to give him hard medication to calm him down so he could stay still. It was definitely a long day at the hospital. 


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