Post Surgery 03-30-14

Miles is doing very well and the doctors are impressed how well he is taking the heart, medication, sedation and ventilator. He is currently on a pacemaker to just assist his heart to beat much faster then what it is really doing which he is doing well on. It's just a precaution, nothing too serious to worry about. He is moving around a lot more since he got off the paralytic sedation. Overall he is recoverying great!

This week there goal is to get him off the ventilator and get him being a baby again. They noticed he is breathing on he is own so once he is off the ventilator that's when me and Angel start working hard to learn how to take care of him. He is on the long road to recovery. We have to dedicate all of our time and strength to take care of him and meet his needs. It is in our hands now to keep the heart and not get rejected. Giving his medication on time is "key" and learning to take his vitals and blood pressure is a routine we need to develop. We have tons of doctors visits and learn to be responsible since he is not able to take care of himself. Me and Angel are eagerly ready to learn and be there for Miles. Since we have the support of our families we have the ability to put work on hold and concentrate on taking care of our baby boy and getting his strength to move forward on his baby milestones.

We thank God for this miracle and we are keeping the faith he will do well with his new heart.
Again, thank you for everyone support and prayers and lets continue to pray for Miles and his new journey he is about to embark.


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