9 days post -transplant and back to the PCU!

It was  busy day for lil P.   His chest tube continued to put out a little bit of mily fluid which indicates a chyle leak (expected from Porter) so they switched his formula for the time being.  Thankfully it's not the dog food vomit smelling formula he was on a couple months ago.  Neuro surgery came in and assessed Porter's head and fontanels. He said he wasn't concerned at this point, they want to get an MRI to get a better look at his brain and ventricles but they feel that once this new heart is working at it's optimum level the fluid in his head will balance itself out.  Fingers crossed. 

Porter was taken downstairs to have a new PICC line placed and also to have his chest tube removed.  The docs are very happy with his progress.  Porter got the green light to bust out of the CVICU and head back down to the PCU.  All the staff on the PCU were super excited to see P.  It was a party in his room when he got back.  This little one already has an army of people wrapped around his finger. 


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