A beautiful heart

Porter had his first car ride since January 3, 2014 and he did great.  He would have probably been more excited to go to the park rather than the cardiologist.  I was terrified of the car ride but his nurse was in the back with him suctioning him as he needed and Porter actually fell asleep on the ride to the doctors office.  Porter received and A+ at his cardiology appointment today.  The doc said his heart looks beautiful and is doing what it’s supposed to do.  The woman who did Porter’s echo today was overwhelmed with joy at how awesome Porter and his new heart looks.  She did a bazillion of Porter’s echos when he was soooo sick so for her to echo him now and see a heart that’s doing and looking the way it should was awesome.  His next appointment is in a month unless he starts declining but we are hopeful that things will continue to go well.  Porter is spending the majority of the day off of the vent and goes back on at night to give him a break.  He even traveled off the vent today (we did have it with us just in case).


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