A shot of O2 please

Porter has had an eventful weekend.  Wasn't quite himself Friday night and restless in his sleep.  Yesterday he was having trouble keeping his sats up (basically his oxygenation should be above 92 and he was teetering in the upper 80's low 90's), so we had to break out the oxygen tanks and give him a little boost for a bit but he's needed it all weekend when he's off the vent. Luckily just a tiny bit of O2 gets him back on track.  We started him on an antibiotic and are watching for other signs to develop if any.  In speaking with pulmonology and the transplant coordinator ~ their feeling was if he is stable and not getting worse it's better to monitor him at home rather than expose him to the germs in the ER but of course if things change to bring him in.  So, we're watching, monitoring, holding our breath, and praying that this is just a hiccup and if it's a little bug that the antibiotic will kick it in the rear!!!!   We're about to ask people to spray off with Lysol before they come in the house.  It's wonderful to have the fabulous nurses but it's a catch 22 at the same time because if it were a more normal situation and he wasn't on the vent we wouldn't have anyone in our house right now.  


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