All in "Porter Time"

Porter had his first biopsy post transplant where they go in through a catheter and take samples of the tissue of his new heart to check it for rejection.  What should have taken an hour and a half took............. 4 hours. As we know, Porter likes to keep everyone on their toes.  They wanted to go in through the groin but were not able to gain access . Those veins are shot from being accessed and utilized over and over again. They ended up going in through the vein in his neck and once they gained access everything was smooth sailing.  The surgeon said the pressures in his heart are fantastic.  The doc said they are not going to biopsy Porter on the regular schedule because it would be too dangerous for him.  They are going to follow him via blood tests and echos for now and determine when the next biopsy is needed. 

ENT said that it would be OK to downsize Porter's trach so that speech could start trying to get him to make noise through a pacimere valve which we are very excited about.

Cardiology is supposed to be having a meeting tomorrow to discuss the length of time Porter will need to be in Houston before we'll be released back to North Carolina. We're getting so close to being out of the hospital environment and back into the real world that time seems to be crawling but flying by at the same time!! 


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