All smiles

Porter turned 8 mo old Sunday, July 20th.  In January we were told that he would not live past 6 months without a new heart and quite honestly many were skeptical as to whether or not he would make it past January.  Porter has proven that he is a fighter and has unbelievable strength. 

He has been super smiley the last few days which is so fun to see.  I can't take my eyes off of him when he's awake.  He's getting stronger and doing well with his exercises.  Porter does not want to take the pacifier but he puts tags from his toys and the blanket corner in his mouth so our OT said she was going to bring by a lolipop to see if he will taste that.  

They have switched him off the dog food vomit smelling formula back to enfacare at a lower cal higher volume to see if he can gain weight on that.  He was also iron deficient so that played a role in him not gaining weight.  He has been really sweaty the last 4 days so it seems he may have lost a little weight from sweating yesterday.  He's still at 5.26 and he was 5.28 yesterday.  If he doesn't gain on the enfacare its back to the yucky stuff. 

We're waiting on the official results from the Echo he had yesterday to see if anything has changed.  Hopefully we'll hear something today.  Porter is getting a upsize to his trach to a 4 of 4.5 either tomorrow or Thursday. 


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