Ativan going down

Another good day for Porter.  Not many changes today except the doctors have decided to wean his Ativan to just one dose every 24 hours, increase his Kcal in his formula by 1ml(doesn't seem like much but the slightest change makes a huge difference for this little one). He hasn't been able to tolerate higher volumes of food and has actually lost a little bit of weight so they are trying to increase the calories but keep the volume the same to see how he does. They have started doing pressure support trials on the vent which makes him responsible for taking all the breaths (normally the machine will make sure he takes a certain amt of breaths/min and if he goes over he goes over).  They kept him on this mode for an hour and he did well.  Previously he would have tired out within 15 min to 1/2 hr.

The physical therapist Porter has been working with asked us to bring in a baseball hat to work on Porter's eye muscles and help him look forward instead of up so today he made his runway debut sporting Tommy H. down the runway.   His giraffe Sophie threw all the doctors for a loop when they saw his chest x-ray the other morning!!  They were all a little concerned at first until they came in to examine him and realized she had snuck under his arm.  (Too bad April 1st had passed, that would have been a funny joke!!)


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