Back to baseline

After a tumultuous week, Porter is back to his baseline.   His HR has settled out, his respiratory rate is back to where it normally is, he is no longer septic, his BNP (heart failure number) is still high but lower than it was on Wednesday, and he's back to flirting with all the nurses.  The fellow on duty has been so frustrated because Porter smiles at everyone except her but during rounds this morning she was elated to announce that he finally smiled at her.  It's nice to have rounds and discuss who Porter is and who he is not smiling at vs what changes are we going to be making with him.  He has slept a little more than normal the last couple days but could be making up for lost sleep earlier in the week. 

During PT today Porter did great at lifting his head and putting pressure through his arms while on his tummy.  The therapist was super excited and this time Porter didn't cry!!  Planning on an uneventful weekend~ unless of course a heart becomes available!  


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