Balancing Act

Porter had a bit of a rough day today. As if a tornado warning wasn’t stressful enough, he was having trouble maintaining a safe O2 and CO2 level. It’s a total balancing act with makingsure he has enough fluid but also making sure he’s voiding enough fluid and with his heart condition this is extremely tricky. The doctors have concluded that he also has somepulmonary hypertension which is putting extra strain on his already fragile heart. They worked all day at trying different medicines and different methods of lowering his CO2 and raising his O2 and after much effort with medicine they had to result in a Nitric
Oxide machine. So far this is helping with the Pulmonary Hypertension. As if that wasn’t enough for this little guy his labs came back showing he has an infection in his trachea~ most likely from the breathing tube. He is on two different antibiotics for this but in the meantime has had to be listed as inactive on the transplant list until this infection is gone.
He’s a fighter though and we just know he’s going to muster through this. They are keeping him heavily sedated and essentially paralyzed since any little movement or shift in his positionreally agitates him causing his sats to tank.


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