Big Afternoon

Porter had a LONG afternoon of appointments at UNC today but was a champ! He started with the dietician who was quite pleased with how he is growing!! He's up to 20 lbs 12 oz and is 74.5 cm long. His weight and height are finally starting to increase again. The. Gastroenterology saw Porter and discussed how he's been doing with his feeds. She was pleased with his growth and that -when feeling well he's taking a little more food by mouth. Speech came in next but we didn't try any feeding today. He has started having symptoms again of an ear infection so he hasn't wanted to eat by mouth. She did give us some new things to try with him at home though.
Next we were off to the audiology clinic to have them look in Porters ears and to test his hearing. They discovered that the tubes are not working. His hearing is only slightly improved since having the tubes placed but they are not draining the fluid. They performed several hearing evals and all showed the tubes were not functioning. We were able to meet with the ENT after audiology to discuss what next steps we can do for lil P's ear issues. We discussed several ideas and decided that we will have the tubes replaced and will discuss with the pulmonologist about having Porters Adenoids out and possibly his tonsils. Most likely he'll be getting his adenoids out for sure.
He should sleep well tonight!!

PT is going well. Although he's not crawling he doesn't mind being on his tummy. He's tolerating standing for longer periods of time and can propel himself forward on his ride on toy.


  • marygandy

    Hope to get well soon. Precaution must be taken and must consult doctor for any problem. Get well and speak up.

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