Busy boy!!

Porter has been doing really well these days!  He is finally getting over his ear infection although his nose is starting to run again.  We're hopeful that the tubes that he's going to get in the next couple weeks will help tremendously.  

Porter spent most of Memorial Day weekend outside!  We didn't have day nurses so we set up a tent in our front yard and brought his equipment outside while we worked in the yard. 


He made a couple trips up to the pool but wasn't too keen on the cold water so he opted to hang out with his baby friends in the shade.


We went out to dinner as a family of 4!  It was no easy feat and quite stressful but we did it and the more we do it the easier it will get.  We went to a place just around the corner that has sofas outside so Porter and Oliver enjoyed hanging out together.

Porter has been making strides in his therapy sessions and all of his therapists are excited about his progress.  He took 9 bites of pear baby food off of a spoon today.  He sat for an entire 15 minutes unsupported and is rolling completely over on his own.  He is making a lot more cooing sounds than he ever has and is able to put blocks into a bucket and take them out.  It's awesome to see his progress. 

We're gearing up for what we hope to be a SHORT stay in the PICU here in the next couple of weeks where Porter will have a sleep study to see if we can wean any of his vent settings.  He will then go into the OR and have a biopsy of a mass in the back of his throat, have tubes put in his ears and an ultra sound of his diaphragm.  They aren't sure what the mass is in his throat and they are a little concerned about his continued fast breathing which could be a result of damage to the phrenic nerve which causes the diaphragm to go up and down.  

Porter and Oliver are really bonding.  No one else exists when Porter sees Oliver and Oliver has really been engaging more with Porter.  They even brushed their teeth together the other night!  We love seeing them interact together~ so cute. 


  • marygandy

    i am following Porter and Oliver and its really nice to hear that they are doing pretty well and enjoying each other.

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