Calling all nurses!!!

Despite not having a night nurse last Friday or Saturday we pulled off a fun filled weekend with the boys.  Oliver was able to participate in the Kite Festival at Bond Park and Porter got to go to the park down the street with Oliver.  He even got to go down the slide.   Now that the weather is getting nicer we've been able to get Porter outside a little more.  The only down side is the darn pollen!!  It wreaks havoc on him and his respiratory system making him require some extra suctioning.  

We are again~ without a night nurse.  The woman who was supposed to work tonight had given two weeks notice and then just called out for the next two weeks.  What's the point in giving notice~ ya might as well quit.  Work ethic has gone out the window, at least when it comes to home health.  At this point we probably have 3 solid nurses- one day and two night nurses.  We're being told they are working on hiring people and several new ones have come to orient so we'll see.  It's just frustrating.

I spent all day Tuesday fighting with our equipment company as I discovered not only have they been shorting us on some supplies but have said we have a limit on the amount of those supplies we can receive every month when in fact we don't have a limit.  We have had problems with this company since the beginning and by next week we'll be with a different company.  Hopefully the new company will be a little better to work with.  So far they have been.  

Porter rolled over on his own two times the other day and is putting more weight through his legs when we hold him up.  He's getting closer to being off the oxygen which we are looking forward to.  He hasn't been able to use the Passy Muir Valve (speaking valve) since he needed O2 and we miss hearing that sweet little voice!   We have had a PT filling in for our regular PT for the past couple weeks and yesterday she said how impressed she was with Porters progress.  She said when she first saw the goals that Porter's reg PT set she thought it was a bit too aggressive but after working with him a few times she sees why the goals were set so high.  He's strong!


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