Camping out ~ in the living room

Oh what a day it has been.  Porter's day nurse left shortly after she got here because she wasn't feeling well.  Thankfully, the nurse manager stopped by and helped me do Porter's trach change and keep up with his suctioning. I got a crash course in giving Porter's meds as well.  Thankfully a nurse was able to come in later this afternoon and help out.  Next we received a call that the night nurse who was scheduled wouldn't be coming and there isn't anyone to cover for her tonight.  The best part of the day was a play date with other baby friends.  They were sooo cute together.  Porter was pooped out after that.

Steve and I are "camping out" in the living room listening for alarms, beeps, signs Porter needs suctioning and tag teaming on his nightly feeds and meds. Going to be a long night after an already long day but the coffee pot is full and the fire is going in the fireplace.  Just one more adventure to add to the list, although this one is a little scary.


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