Cruzin down the hall!!!

Well~ I'm delayed on getting this on the blog, life is crazy these days.  Porter is so far tolerating his regular formula and the doctors will continue to monitor him to see if he starts accumulating fluid again.  He threw up yesterday but they are thinking that it was due to a little withdrawal from the Methadone he is on.  They dropped him from .6 to .5 and as we know, little P is sensitive to just the smallest changes.  



It was a BIG day for Porter on Thursday.  He got to try out his car seat again for the first time since he was 7 weeks old. Steve had to adjust the straps because he has grown so much.  We let Porter sit in his car seat for a little bit before putting him in the stroller and he fell asleep.  We were hoping to take hi outside but unfortunately our Respiratory person was not able to leave the floor so we'll try agin this weekend.  We did get to walk him around the picu and out the door to the windows for a bit of sunshine.  He flinched when the sun hit his face but went right back to sleep.  


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