Day 12 post-transplant

It is great to be back in the PCU as it is a lot more comfortable than being in the CVICU (even though everyone up there is awesome).  It is a little adjustment being back downstairs and having a new team of docs.  We're working out the kinks and Porter is doing very well.  They have started doing trach collar trials again (taking him off the vent) two hours at a time  every 6 hours and so far he is doing well with this.  His head ultrasound, CT scan and MRI were all consistent in their findings in that there is a slight increase in the fluid in the ventricles inside his brain but not a lot and nothing to really be concerned with or to warrant surgical intervention.  They are working on weaning him off the two sedation meds he is on but this is a slow process.  By looking at the calendar with the doctor it will be the end of December before he is off both of the medications. They are also trying to get him off one of the 3 diuretics he is on.  

Everyone's comments who have seen him for the first time post transplant continue to be~ "wow!  Look how pink he is!!"  Even one of the docs who was a little skeptical that a transplant would benefit Porter said~ well, this has made a believer out of me!


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