Eyes looking pretty good

Porter had an eye doctor appointment yesterday and even though he was completely annoyed and distressed during his appointment, the doctor at the office with Duke was much more patient and friendly than the first place we went too.  They have referred Porter to a Peds Neuro Opthamologist to review his MRI from Texas and the ultra sound they did on his eyes during his appointment.  Yes, eye ultra sound.  They used an ultra sound wand on his eye lids to look at the optic nerve which appears swollen in both eyes.  In seeing the ultra sound pics they think its optic nerve druesn which is essentially calcium deposits making his optic nerve look inflamed.  There's nothing they do about this except watch them and it shouldn't affect his vision.  We're also set up to see a neuro surgeon who will review Porter's MRI from Texas and most likley want an MRI of his own to check the fluid in Porter's brain.  

Porter has maintained a sitting positition on his own without support for almost 3 minutes now and is rolling over on his own now.  He continues to get stronger every day!!  


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