Field Trip!

Written Feb 6, 2014 9:12pm by Megan Richardson
Porter had another great day! They continue to wean some of his meds and his O2 and Nitric requirements. He was making some really awful faces and getting about as red as a fire engine on and off throughout the morning and we just couldn't figure out what the change was that would make him act like this. The doc and nurses scratched their heads wondering what medicine could make him so flushed but within a few minutes act calm. Well what do you know~ it was poop! Porter had his first poo in a month! I know, may not be super exciting to all of you reading this but to us we're pretty excited as it means his
intestines and bowls still work. :) Be thankful you didn't have to smell it~ whoa!!! Tomorrow Porter gets to take a little field trip down the hall to the operating room for a procedure. His first time out of his room since January 3rd. They are placing what's called a Broviac line in one of his central veins to allow the nurses better access for his meds.
This type of a line also has much less risk for infection than a standard IV and it could be something he could go home with after his transplant if needed. We're a little nervous, well more than a little, for this procedure but understand the necessity behind it. Porter has
proven he is strong and we're sure he'll be just fine.


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