First Boat Ride!

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day!!  We sure did!!!  We were blessed to have some wonderful friends in to visit for the weekend.  Their son and his elementary class and school have been praying for Porter ever since he was admitted to the hospital and it was really special for him to finally be able to meet Porter in person.  

Porter got to go on his first boat ride with his big brother thanks to our wonderful neighbors!  We were a little nervous that he would be terrified but he didn't even flinch when we put his life jacket on- as a matter of fact he just grinned from ear to ear.  We got him on the boat and away we went all around the lake.  He seemed to enjoy the wind in his hair and looking around at all the sights.  After a while he was so relaxed he practically fell asleep!  It was a beautiful day and weekend.  

Porter continues to work on standing, crawling, talking and eating.  He’s definitely making more sounds and Oliver would bet his popsicle that Porter said “Oliver” yesterday.  Porter took about 20 bites of baby food yesterday as well.  


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