Flu? RSV? Pneumonia? Oh My!

What a week Lil P has had.  Wish we could report that it has been a good week but unfortunately Porter has been pretty sick.  He was diagnosed AGAIN with Strep last week, then one of his incisions from his surgery got infected.  The pediatrician put him on an antibiotic for strep and a topical antibiotic for his incision. She felt that he was putting his hand in his mouth and then touching his incision even though it was covered.  They cultured his incision and it too tested positive for strep.   Earlier this week he came down with a horrible cough and needing Oxygen.  We took him to the doctor for his cough and the need of O2 ~ they felt he had some asthma going on but also changed his antibiotic incase there was any pneumonia brewing.  He did not improve.   He had a follow up appointment today and they tested him for the Flu, RSV and Pneumonia.  Steve and Porter’s nurse took him for a chest x-ray as well. 

Porter tested negative for the flu but his chest x-ray suggests pneumonia.  Porter received an intense shot of an antibiotic today at the pediatrician and will receive another one tomorrow and potentially Monday.  We are hoping that those shots will be strong enough to combat the infection and keep him out of the germ infested hospital which is most likely where he picked up this bug. 

It is heart wrenching to see him so sick.  He is still requiring oxygen and just wants to sleep. He had a great nurse today and has a great team of nurses this weekend so hopefully with medicine and rest he will be back to feeling more like himself by the end of the weekend. Wish they could come to the house and give the shot so we didn’t have to drag him out!!  

This upcoming week is pretty busy for lil P - he has a follow up peds appt most likely Monday along with hopefully getting the second cast off without needing a third, urology for suture removal and pulmonology follow up. 

Right now all we care about is keeping him out of the germ ridden hospital environment and getting him healthy again.  


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