Fluid Balance Teeter-Totter Ride

Written Feb 19, 2014 9:21am by Megan Richardson

Well we made it about a week without chest tubes but Porter had more of a tough night last night than he's had in a while. The nurse said he seemed agitated and was having trouble relaxing. They administered more pain meds and sedation meds to help him relax. They did an ultra sound of his chest yesterday morning and the doctor had a feeling that fluid was re-accumulating around his left lung so there was talk about the possibility of putting in another chest tube.  We received a call this morning from his surgeon and she felt very strongly that he needed to have a chest tube placed again. They re-ultrasounded his chest saw quite a bit of fluid around his left lung and it also looked very cloudy again on x-ray. We agreed to the chest tube placement and as soon as it was in quite a bit of fluid came out which in turn caused
his blood pressure to drop so they gave him fluid back through his IV. Fluid balance is tricky with this little guy. He is resting comfortably now and hopefully will have an uneventful day.
It will probably be some time before we will have an opportunity to hold him but they feel he'll still be able to get into the bouncy seat every now and then as long as he can tolerate it.


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