Football Saturday

There was a point in the beginning of the OSU game today when Porter just closed his eyes in dismay.  Alas ~ he woke up for the rest of the game and was pleased with the outcome.  He was able to take a good nap when the game was done knowing his other team~ Spartans ~would pull out a win for sure.  The docs are still pleased overall with Porter's progress.  They are still trying to get his blood pressure down and when they sat him up today his chest tube produced some fluid that seemed to have some chyle in it. He had this before and resolved but they switched his formula to one with less fat for him to digest until it clears up. He has some pleural effusion (fluid around his right lung) and if it doesn't clear up by tomorrow they will probably put a chest tube in to drain it.   Been there, done that.  

He is still "bruised, red" on his right side but seems to be a little better than yesterday.  He got super agitated when the rehab team came by and started moving him around which they felt was a good thing.  Porter hates having his mouth care but it needs to be done to prevent a yeast infection.They are planning to start weaning his sedation SLOWLY as to not throw him into withdrawal   We did get a smirk out of him today and were able to see his big teeth coming in!!!!. He is such a trooper.


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