From the aquarium to the beach!

We ventured out for a road trip today.  The first of hopefully many!  We made the trip about 2.5 hours down to the NC Aquarium and walked on the very beach we walked on in late Dec 2013 just before Porter was admitted to the PICU.  It was an interesting feeling being back there with both Porter and Oliver, two years ago we never thought we would all be back at the beach together.

Porter seemed to really enjoy seeing all the fish at the aquarium and Oliver loved having his little brother with us.   Porter did great on the car ride down but wasn't so thrilled about the car ride back.  He really just wanted to lay down and stretch out and back in the day we probably could have let him do that!!  Unfortunately, we couldn't do that.   We made it home and Porter was very happy to be able to stretch out in his bed. 

He contines to make progress in his day to day activities.  He seems to love sweet potatoes and has been taking about a half a container of baby food at one time.  Not much to most but HUGE for Porter.   He's also putting more weight in his legs and his arms.  It seems like everyday he does something new!!  


  • marygandy

    its really great to know that porter has been doing great and getting finer with time, may he have thousands journey like this ahead!

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