Gangs all here!!

Oliver and Steve arrived Sunday night after making a long two day drive from NC through 7 states all the way to Houston.  Oliver was a champ on the road even though he didn't take any naps.  All of the boys have had some time to reunite and bond.  Porter laughed and stuck out his tongue when he saw Oliver which made Oliver crack up.  

Porter continues to do well.  The docs have increased the corn oil a little bit in his food and if he can tolerate it they are hoping to get him to grow.  He gained a little yesterday so hopeful the trend continues.  This little guy hasn't gained any weight in a few months.  PT and OT come everyday and work with him on stretching and moving.  They've talked about putting a soft brace on his arms for a little bit throughout the day because he likes to keep his hands up by his mouth ALL the time. 

Porter is scheduled for surgery sometime on Friday to have the G-Tube placed.  It will be nice to see his entire face without a tube in his nose!


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