Getting closer

Porter had a little bit of a stressed out day.  He was breathing hard most of the morning and just seemed uncomfortable which was perplexing to the docs since nothing really had changed.  They deducted that he really needed to "relieve" himself and that he did~ twice while Steve and I were there and another time after we left. When we spoke with the nurse this evening he said Porter was resting quietly.  Porter also decided to get the attention of the nurses by detaching himself from the vent (easy to do if he gets his hand under the tubes) however both Steve and I feel like it's a sign that he's telling us he wants to be off that thing!!  We couldn't agree more although talking to the docs and nurses, they feel he'll be on it for quite a while~ we'll see.  Time will tell as he grows but if he's as determined as we believe him to be he'll prove to us that he doesn't need it sooner than later.  They brought in a vent that we would use at home and tried to transition him on to it today but he didn't seem to comfortable so they switched him back to the ICU vent and will try again either later tonight or tomorrow.  It's a bit overwhelming all the equipment that will be needed for Porter and thinking about how we will get out of the house to even just go to the park seems like an incredible feat but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. We're going to be learning about a lot of things in the coming weeks and the checklists we were shown today are too extensive to even begin to write but we will get proficient at keeping records and lists and documentation that's for sure!  


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