Growing and waiting

Last week seemed to just fly by!  Porter had a good week overall.  He needed some extra lassix a couple times and spiked a fever over the weekend which led the team to fear an infection steming from his central line but so far nothing has shown up from the cultures.  His arm seems to be a little swollen but not sore or hot and the line is still functioning.  Porter loves to see Oliver and just gives the biggest smile when he comes into the room. The church I've been going to here has been wonderful and happened to have an opening in their preschool class so Oliver started school this week which so far he seems to really like and is helping him with this big adjustment.  

Porter has really been doing well with tummy time.  He's starting to push up with his arms and working hard to lift his head.  Porter is continuing to grow and gain weight.  He's able to touch the bottom of the exersaucer with his feet now. His nurse yesterday got a high chair for him to see if he'd be able to sit in it and he can.  He needs a towel under his behind to lift him up higher than the tray but he seems to like looking out the door and watching people walk by.    Doctors orders for Porter are to keep growing and getting stronger as we wait for a heart to become available.


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