G-tube and new digs

What a day.  It started out pretty uneventful, waiting for the docs to come take Porter for surgery to have the G-tube placed.  His surgery was scheduled for 12:00 but they didn't end up taking him up until 2:30.  He was gone for about 2 hours and did well throughout the surgery.  It was when he came out that he decided that he didn't like the 7th floor anymore and wanted a change of scenery.  Porter spiked a fever of 102.4, he was wiggling and jerking around like a fish out of water and his heart rate was in the upper 160's low 170's which is WAY to high for him.  They gave him morphine and Tylenol but none of that was working.  The plan for him after surgery was to go back down to the PCU but we asked if they felt he should spend the night in the CVICU given his current condition. One doc felt he would be ok going to the PCU but another doc agreed with us that it would be better for him to be monitored in the ICU overnight.  They already had a space reserved for him "just in case" so why not use it.  So- Steve and Oliver packed up the room on the 7th floor and loaded the car and I took the necessities up to the 18th floor.  By the time we left, Porter had started calming down but his heart rate was still in the 160's.  When we called a little bit ago to check on him he still had a fever but his heart rate was coming down.  Hoping for an uneventful night and to be out of the CVICU soon!!!

Oliver was a champ today ~ didn't complain once about being in the hospital ALL day. 


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